Tin Cup Pearl Jewelry

Have you ever heard of a floating pearl necklace? Imagine this—you’re wearing a couture dress with a dangerously low neckline. And along your collar people will see individual pearls floating against your skin with a very thin silver, gold, or fabric chain holding everything together. The tin cup jewel design seeks to compliment the extraordinary natural beauty of both the pearls it showcases as well as the wearer of the piece. This design elevates each individual pearl into a stylish work of art. Exquisitely unique and perfect for high fashion, Pearls of Pearls Jewelry is proud to showcase a collection of this truly magnificent jewelry design. Tin cup pearl jewelry comes in a variety of lengths and feature pearls in an even wider variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Usually a stationary necklace, as they are also known, will hold somewhere between 6 to 12 individual pearls, which are all spaced out along a very slender and elegant chain. This creates the effect of pearls floating along the skin. This same design is replicated in bracelets, anklets, and a number of other jewelry pieces.

While the classical rope of pearls is a timeless piece for any individual—the tin cup jewel design features a fresh, young, and modern touch that will make anyone feel chic and elegant. A floating pearl necklace will look just as beautiful with a brightly colored sundress as it will with an alluring little black outfit. A stationary necklace, or any other piece of tin cup pearl jewelry, can be found in nearly any style—from stunning black Tahitian Pearls to the more demure white Akoya Pearls of Japan. We invite you to look through our wide selection and find that perfect piece to compliment your unique modern style.