Pearl Education

Like snowflakes, no two pearls are alike. Each gem, whether the result of natural chance or with the aid of human intervention, is unique and precious. Here at Pearls of Pearls Jewelry we understand how special each one of these glorious little creations is and so we have provided a comprehensive pearl education guide. With so many different types of pearls available—from saltwater to freshwater, radiant white to soft or bold colored options—we understand that making a choice can be difficult and even confusing.

However, pearl selection should be a joyous occasion! There is nothing quite as wonderful as owning a radiant rope of pristine white Akoya Pearls or an absolutely stunning string of black Tahitian Pearls. Both types of pearls are beautiful and equally exquisite, but understanding a little more about the specific categories could make the decision a little easier for you. And if you just so happen to end up falling in love with both or any other of the categories of pearls—then it may make the decision to buy two, three, or even four sets of pearls a lot easier! Pearls come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, making them the sort of gems that are truly worth collecting.