Handcrafted Pearl jewelry

The method by which a pearl is mounted onto a precious metal frame, whether it is for a ring, pendant, bracelet, or necklace requires a very delicate hand and a great deal of expertise. When using these magnificent organic gems to create stunning designer inspired jewels, careful care is needed in order to not mar their natural beauty. That’s why Pearls of Pearls Jewelry is proud to offer a line of absolutely exquisite handcrafted pearl jewelry. Fashioned and manufactured by exceptionally talented jewel artisans, our pearl jewelry features the use of precious and semi-precious stones and metals. Some examples of these materials are sterling silver and richly colored mineral, stones, and crystals.

While a traditional string of pearls is a timeless and beautiful choice, our handcrafted pearl jewelry offers a modern and elegant twist on this classical gem. These are definitely not your grandmother’s pearls! These unique designer inspired jewels are the perfect modern touch to any high fashion ensemble. If you simply need to have that show-stopping piece of handcrafted jewelry for a wedding, to give as a gift, or just because—we definitely have what you’re looking for. These are fabulous pieces of pearl jewelry that are dripping with attitude.