Golden South Sea Pearls

Basic Information
When it comes to sheer luxury and unquestionable beauty, nothing compares to a rope of Golden South Sea Pearls. These light colored pearls are produced inside of the Golden Lipped variety of Pinctada Maxima Oyster. It is due to the rich golden color inside of this particular mollusk’s mantle and nacre, that the organism is able to create such richly colored luxury gems. The Golden Lipped Oyster is among the largest pearl producing oyster in the world—it can have up to a 12 inch diameter, making it about the size of a dinner plate! It is also due to the larger size of this mollusk that much larger nucleuses can be implanted within the mantle when they are being used to culture pearls. This is why a golden pearl can sometimes even be offered in sizes of up to 20 mm. These beautiful light colored pearls are predominantly farmed and harvested in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Myanmar (or as it was formerly known—Burma).

Golden South Sea Pearls are without equal when it comes to luminosity and soft coloration. The Golden Lipped Oyster can produce a number of powdery and shimmering colors, most notable of which is the rich and vibrant gold pearl. Other colors include a delicate off-white, a tender rose-bud pink, and a luscious soft cream. The normal and classical white variety of pearl is better known, but mostly it’s due to it being a more common specimen. The light colored pearls of the Pinctada Maxima are truly exquisite luxury gems that are much rarer, more difficult to attain, and the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Another popular and highly-sought color is the pristine champagne hue, which offers a gem in soft hues of yellow, gold, and cream all mixed together.

As we know, it is due to the larger size of the Golden Lipped Oyster that we are able to enjoy a larger and more luxurious gem. This variety of Pinctada Maxima cannot be seeded until they are 2 years old and even then, it takes them about 2 more years to develop an actual pearl. Of course, if a larger pearl is desired the growing period has to be significantly expanded. The size range for Golden South Sea Pearls is from 9 to 20 mm, although please keep in mind that 20 mm is the top of the scale and pearls that actually reach this size are extremely rare and valuable. These light colored pearls also come in a variety of shapes from the most popular and desired perfectly spherical shape to button, and even a few semi-round options.

There’s nothing quite as magnificent as a golden pearl—whether it be on a ring, a pendant, a set of earrings, or on a timeless necklace.