About Us

Whomever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend has probably never owned a luxurious rope of Baroque or Akoya Japanese pearls, a stunning set of Tahitian pearl studs, or a beautiful one of kind multi-colored pearl bracelet.

PearlsofPearls.com  is an online boutique, which caters to customers  by offering them hand selected pieces of fine pearl jewelry, whether it’s South Sea, Tahitian,Japanese Akoya or  Freshwater  pearls. We believe that every single woman should be  entitled to  pieces of timeless pearl jewels. However, it only takes one quick search on the internet to see that there are a vast number of choices when it comes to purchasing your cultured pearls—whether it’s a ring, a necklace, a brooch, or any other of the many options. With a mixture of retail outlets as well as wholesale providers, individuals looking to purchase something specific can easily get lost, confused, or just overwhelmed by the selection.

That’s where we come in.

PearlsofPearls.com is designed with customer satisfaction in mind. Everything from our easy to navigate website to our renowned customer service is built around the philosophy that our customers always comes first. Our mission statement is simple: Pearls are timeless gems that everyone should have the pleasure of owning. We offer an exquisite and exceptional collection so that everyone has the opportunity to pick, purchase, and own a truly classical beauty. We want to enhance every jewelry collection with fabulous old Hollywood elegance or chic contemporary pieces. Whatever your style and whatever your price—we want to help you find and own a glamorous set of pearls.

We work on a three part system that ensures the quality, affordability, and beauty of our fine jewelry.

Firstly, we know what to look for…

We begin our work by using our expertise to find only the very best cultured pearls available. By doing this we take the guesswork out of your experience. You can be sure that every piece that is featured on our website has been selected by one of our experts for its superior quality and beauty. We have great eye for design and we use it to bring you stunning classic pieces as well as more contemporary and en vogue styles.

Secondly, we have a great relationship with our merchandise providers…

We have spent years cultivating close relationships with product providers and truly amazing jewelry artisans, all of whom offer us fabulous merchandise at below sale market prices. When you search through our categories of Akoya, Tahitian, Baroque, or freshwater pearls you can be sure that you are getting a fair and affordable price for exceptional pieces of jewelry.

And finally, we know about presentation…

Once we have selected our pearls and negotiated the best price for them, we make it easy for our customers to shop. We know how to categorize our superb fine jewelry in a way that makes shopping comprehensive and fun. Our website is easy to navigate and our selection and purchasing processes is very continent convenient.

Based in Palmdale California a mere hour away from Los Angeles, we are close to many of our wholesale providers. We know exactly where to find the most beautiful Tahitian and freshwater pearls at the most reasonable prices. Our cultured pearls simply make the most breathtakingly beautiful fine jewelry available. Browse through our collection to find that perfect accent piece or that treasured family heirloom that you will pass down from generation to generation.

We are dedicated to making your shopping experience truly exceptional and that’s why we are committed to customer service. Pearls of Pearls.com offers secure worldwide shipping and we will never share or sell personal information with anyone. We also offer a generous return, exchange, and warranty policy that will make shopping with us a hassle free experience.

So whether you are looking for brightly illuminated Akoya pearls for a bridal set or a playful multi-colored baroque pearl set to give as a birthday, holiday, or as a just-because gift, Pearls of Pearls.com will offer you something truly unique, absolutely beautiful, and surprisingly affordable. Let us make your pearl shopping experience one of a kind just like our jewelry.